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  • You should watch Freddy (2022) on Disney Hotstar

    You should watch Freddy (2022) on Disney Hotstar

    Karthik Aryan pulls in this thriller drama. Well, sort of. While in some scenes he does appear like Karthik Aryan playing Akshay Kumar playing Freddy. But that’s becoming his whole schtick at the moment, and it’s still fun. A good night’s viewing. Actors act well. Production quality is average. Not that the movie needed it. […]

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  • Limitless (2011)

    Ahh, drugs. One of those movies that leave you confused whether to sympathise with the protagonist or to just be a sadist and watch his exploits. The movie is about a struggling writer (been there) suffering through writer’s block (I feel ya), till his girlfriend leaves him because he’s lazy, under-achieving and broke (yeah, let’s […]

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