Mother! of all reviews

Hey ya’ll, we’re back.

Why we’ve not been active is a mystery. And when you uncover this mystery, it’s going to get weird. Just like the movie we’re going to talk about today.

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Reviewing Randy Orton’s legacy with families.

Randy Orton’s affiliation with Evolution made him who he is.

His “Legend Killer” persona made him shrewd enough to know which mistakes not to make as a legend, while he was already equipped to reach that status. Continue reading “Reviewing Randy Orton’s legacy with families.”

Let’s just talk about Logan for a minute.

Possibly the best spin-off of the X-men series. With a character like Wolverine it’s extremely difficult to be satisfied with the conclusion of his saga. Continue reading “Let’s just talk about Logan for a minute.”


Jab bhi koi open-letter dekhu, mera dil deewana bole WOOOW.

Just when Saif Ali Khan’s 15 years of fame were fizzing out, he decided to get people to notice him like any other Prince with a Bollywood career would do: he wrote an open-letter.

All you 5 regular readers of this site know that open and letters are the two words that make REVHUMAN salivate and stroke his chest hair. (You’re welcome for that visual) Continue reading “Jab bhi koi open-letter dekhu, mera dil deewana bole WOOOW.”


Zyaadatar ads zyaadatar paaye gaye hue insights pe based hai…

Saurav Fn Ganguly crashes a man’s wedding because he claims he bought gold for his daughter’s wedding from a Rajasthan craftsmen. Which he did buy from. But zyaadatar gold ki kaarigari Kolkata mein ki jaati hai so fuck you father of to-be-married daughter and your false claims. Continue reading “Zyaadatar ads zyaadatar paaye gaye hue insights pe based hai…”


Sachin – A Billion Google Searches

A dozen news channels
A hundred quora questions
Tens of specials on Star Sports
What new did Sachin – A Billion Dreams have to offer? Let’s find out.

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Deewane Huye Paagal (2005) – Abridged Review

Vivek Oberoi: They said they’ll sign me for Fool n Final if I succeed in this screen test. Continue reading “Deewane Huye Paagal (2005) – Abridged Review”


Reviewing the need for ‘Global Citizen’

It’s strange how you need some foreign celebrities to tell you to save water in your own country.
Our Prime Minister makes an appearance (via video-conference) agreeing with the lack of amenities and how together through commercial means we can tackle those issues.

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