All Netflix & No Chill: What to expect

Netflix has launched in India.

Expect a lot of recycled Netflix & Chill jokes flooding your timeline.


Considering the morals and the societal pressures that are a part and parcel of the Indian culture; It might be difficult to promote ‘the chill’ aspect that comes along.

The solution: Netflix + No Chill + ?? = $$

India, get ready for Netflix & hill(a)

The war cry for every angsty teen and lonely adult in the country who invests countless of precious hours on pornography. The same people responsible for the vanishing Vaseline and depleted lotions from the bathroom cabinet will now subscribe to stream video content that they already had discovered to stream for free. Men & Women who religiously go on dates with their hands will now dedicate their evenings binging on Netflix and explore an evolved approach of self-seduction.


Failed web comedians mocking Netflix till they get a show. Then mocking it some more because the hand that feeds you seems tasty AF. Also, marketing.

Food delivery brands suggesting their service as the best accompaniment to binge on while binging on. Companies introducing special HD devices for HD viewing of HD shows after you take the HD plan.

Exclusive movie and show deals involving has-beens and packaged with one big cult favourite.

*coughs* Anurag Kashyap *coughs*.

Staunch “supporters” of Net Neutrality in India will strengthen their approach by paying for a service that gives them something they could get for free. Because hipsters gonna hip.

Star India’s anonymously going to buy a stake into Netflix and maintain an illusion of competition while Sony, Viacom18, Eros & co are going to invest billions in attempts to make their mark not realising they’re contributing to the illusion. This goes on for a good couple of years till YouTube Red shows up outta nowhere!


Fanboys pretending to watch their “favourite” shows on Netflix while hiding their bit torrent apps from the system tray.

Many of these above points may or may not happen. But what’s going to happen for sure is that everybody and anybody is going to have an opinion, just like me.

Welcome to the chaos, Netflix. The chill awaits.

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