WTvF: Tripling’s mostly trippin’ when they ain’t sniffin’

So I recently got to attend a web series seminar by TVF where they were talking about their rise and dominance in the seemingly impenetrable web content market of India.


A lot of things said and shown there were impressive and aspirational. How a rejected show idea by MTV led a group of individuals to build an empire. An empire that rose out of mocking MTV’s Roadies (rowdies qtiyapa.) Continue reading “WTvF: Tripling’s mostly trippin’ when they ain’t sniffin’”

Reviewing the Rickshaw Strike. (August 31st, 2016)

“Humara Sidhant hai, khadi gaadi ko passenger nahi milta, chalti gaadi ko hi milta hai” says Guptaji, who’s been an auto driver for 17 years.

On a ride back home on the eve of the strike, there was a sense of desperation on the streets of Mumbai Continue reading “Reviewing the Rickshaw Strike. (August 31st, 2016)”

REVHUMAN’s Ready to Redefine!

If you’re an avid follower of my blog… (I know you’re) Then you may have read a post about me cribbing about lagging devices. In case you haven’t here it is.

Lately my blog-posts have been like the flashback sequences of Arrow where I randomly head back in time and rant about an incident that only makes sense when I end it.

Image Source: reddit.com

But hey, what does this button do? (DeeDee translation: why am I bringing all these things up?) Continue reading “REVHUMAN’s Ready to Redefine!”