Passengers (2017) Review: Give it a Pass.

Movies are often guilty of being too different from their trailers and usually end up disappointing movie-goers.

Passengers is exactly the opposite of that. The movie is guilty of being too much like the trailer.
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Dear Zindagi is quite Near Zindagi!

‘Let’s break up’ is probably one of the worst songs REVHUMAN has ever heard.

The biggest disappointment in the movie has to be the music. Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, we can move forward and talk about the wonderful movie. Continue reading “Dear Zindagi is quite Near Zindagi!”

WTvF: Tripling’s mostly trippin’ when they ain’t sniffin’

So I recently got to attend a web series seminar by TVF where they were talking about their rise and dominance in the seemingly impenetrable web content market of India.


A lot of things said and shown there were impressive and aspirational. How a rejected show idea by MTV led a group of individuals to build an empire. An empire that rose out of mocking MTV’s Roadies (rowdies qtiyapa.) Continue reading “WTvF: Tripling’s mostly trippin’ when they ain’t sniffin’”

Reviewing the things that are wrong with movies like ‘Kick’.

We find it funny thinking that a movie about robbing the corrupt and helping the needy managed to rob over 370 crores from the common public.

I could be talking about any movie, but the above line is in context to Salman Khan’s Eid-Entertainer; ‘Kick’. It’s somehow difficult to digest watching a movie where a humongously rich actor collaborates with other monetary powerhouses to give an example of a common man taking up an impossible and probably life-threatening task of remanding the corrupt. Continue reading “Reviewing the things that are wrong with movies like ‘Kick’.”

Of Open Letters, Movie Promotions & Ironies

Amitabh Bachchan wrote an open letter to his granddaughters recently.

Talking about topics like sexism, gender stereotyping and basically allowing them to follow their dreams and marrying based on their choice among other things. That’s a very sweet gesture by a grandfather.

Read an excerpt here:

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